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Cover Challenge

Title: Holy Red Eye Flight Batman
Author: sanguinepen
Word Count: 305
Rating: G

It had been going on like this for weeks now, and Batman was starting to worry. He’d been more than willing to sponsor an increase in budget for the danger simulation rooms for the Justice Society, but he’d had a credit problem caused by a ne’er-do-well and hadn’t been able to make the anonymous payment in time. Technological advances were making it harder and harder for Bruce Wayne to buy a stick of gum without being on the evening news let alone fund a major defensive weapons program to train heroes to protect the people of earth.

So he’d listened to Robin’s ideas, and gone for an easier approach. Yes, the new software was readily available, and he didn’t have to dig into his own coffers to buy a set for everyone on the JSA. But he was concerned now. Ever since they’d installed City of Heroes on the JSA computers, he’d been seeing less and less of his friends and fellow heroes. When he did see them, them mumbled more than spoke, their fingers cramped from the keyboards. But their eyes were the worst part, hollow, sunken and glowing red from spending uncountable hours on the computer protecting Paragon City.

When the greatest hero of all, Superman, fell into the trap of the MMO, he knew he had to work fast. That was when he started researching who owned the company who had created the game. The Dark Knight Detective had traced down the tree to the root of the matter. NCSoft was owned by none other than Lex Luthor. It had been a nefarious plot after all. He shivered when he read the latest press release. Soon a companion game would be released City of Villains. What sort of heinous mind control would that instill on the mild mannered citizens of the world?

Exempt from winning - since I'm a mod!
Tags: cover challenge
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