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Cover Challenge

Hey guys!!!

Okay, so I talked it over with our lovely co-mods merfilly and sanguinepen (the latter of whom came up with this brilliant idea) and we thought we'd introduce something new to the comm to give it a bit of...what's the word? Life. :-D. So, every week, running from Monday-Sunday we're going to have a cover prompt challenge. Essentially, someone will post ANY DC Cover from ANY story, and whoever wants to participate can write any ficlet they want on that cover for at least 200 words. The tale can be anything based on the cover - it doesn't neeed to have anything to do with the actual tale that accompanied that cover.

The first non-mod to post a ficlet gets to pick the next cover. :-D

So, here's this week's cover, from JSA # 35.

Free Image Hosting at

Have fun and good luck!!!
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